Kallelse till föreningsstämma

Date and time: Tuesday, May 9, 2023 at 18:00
Rest. Ikaros Barkarby Centre


  1. The meeting is opened

  2. Approval of agenda

  3. Election of chairman of the general meeting

  4. Notification of the meeting chairman’s choice of minutes-taker

  5. Election of two adjusters as well as vote counters

  6. Ask if the meeting has been announced in accordance with the articles of association

  7. Determining the voter register

  8. Presentation of the board’s annual report

  9. Presentation of the auditor’s report

10. Decision on and determination of profit and loss account and balance sheet

11. Decision on disposition of profits

12. Decision on discharge of liability for the board

13. Decision on fees for the board and auditors for the next business year

14. Election of board members and deputies

15. Election of auditor and deputy auditor

16. Election of the election committee

17. Questions referred to the meeting by the board and matters reported by association members

18. The meeting ends

19. other matters

Board Bostadsrätsföreningen Barsbro Parken

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